#160 - Creating Ads That Get Stellar Results

Please scroll down to watch a short clip from this video.

This is an 1 hour & 20 minute mini-seminar where Patti teaches you:

-The four main components of a great ad
-The four elements of a successful advertising campaign
-The six reasons people buy
-How to construct an ad
-How to create taglines and your USP
-Writing powerful press releases that WILL get put in the paper
-The four main components of an ad that get stellar results
-How to formulate headlines that will grab the reader's attention
-Many examples of possible headlines
-Making the ad look more appealing and professional
-Picking the best photos for your intended result
-How to use testimonials
-Which fonts to use
-Figuring a budget for your size gym
-Sample photo consent form
-Sample survey to find out exactly what brought your customers to your gym

Patti also covers what NOT to do in an ad. She shows you over 30 ads of hers that have worked and why, and also some that didn't and why! The accompanying book contains over 30 sample COLOR ads that were selected from her national contest from gyms across the country. What a great tool for you to have while designing your own print ads and eblasts.  (1 hr. 20 min. video & 46-page book)! 

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