#195 - Lessons Learned from 50 Years in Business

Lesson Learned in 50 Years of Business. Can you believe Patti's been in business that long? Yep-and in this video she shares stories that led to a lot of the knowledge that has shaped her way of running a gym school. Stories and lessons learned include: how and when to fire staff, why to have surveillance cameras, why you should use the phrase, "new customers only", why you shouldn't trade services for lessons, why you should get comparison bids from your subs, don't be suckered in by the "license and bonded" verbiage, why you shouldn't say, "don't call me unless the gym is on fire", the miracle of middle management, and how she’s semi-retired and LOVING it! Get this 1-hour lecture and accompanying 9-page book to hear all about lawsuits, fires, and other catastrophes during her 50 years in business!


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