#209 - YogaBears Year-Long Lesson Plan Package

(1 hr. DVD & 76-page book) An easy-to-adopt program for 4-6 year old children that brings in extra income for your gym. Any dance or gym teacher can do these scaled down poses that promote body awareness, relaxation, and strength. This 76-page book and DVD package includes themes, curriculum, attire info, props and equipment list suggestions, and music suggestions. Also includes five custom-wooden handstamps and coloring pages (on a text CD) of positions-Cobra, Tree, Camel, Child's Pose, and Downward Dog. An editable CD of all lesson plans is also included at no extra charge. SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO WATCH A VIDEO CLIP. Click on the "Sample Lesson Plans, Handouts, and Free Articles" link on the left to view a "Sample Lesson Plan". This product is available as a hard copy and as a digital download - see purchasing options below.  If you choose it as a digital download, your stamps will be mailed separately to you within 24 hours of your order. SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO WATCH A VIDEO CLIP. 

 The lessons included in this package:

-Beautiful Butterflies
-Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
-Cat's Meow
-Lucky Rabbits
-Roaring Lion
-Parents Participation 
-Funky Monkey 
-Scary Bats

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