#316 Patti's Preschool Training Package

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This video package is what Patti’s preschool teachers must watch before they can teach by themselves. They first watch the #500 Fast Track Training package and then the following videos/books which are included in this package:

#131 - Stations, Circuits, and Obstacle Courses

#141 - How to Spot Preschool & Beginner Gymnastics

#142 - Skills for Inclines, Trapezoids, and Octagons

#161 - Excellence in Preschool Teaching

#169 - Hundreds of Preschool Stations

#179 - Teaching Gymnastics to Three-Year-Olds

#182 - How to Teach a Cartwheel

#194 - How to Teach Parent and Tot Classes

#208 - Teaching & Spotting Preschool Tumbling

#213 - Parent and Tot Complete Training Kit 

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