#317 Patti’s School-Age Training Package

This package of 11 books/video sets includes skill progressions for gymnastics and tumbling. This package is the exact training tools Patti’s staff has to study before they can go on the floor to teach. Package includes:

#137 - Teaching Aerial Cartwheels

#138 - Teaching Bars to School-Age Students

#139 - Teaching Beam to School-Age Children

#140 - Teaching Tumbling to School-Age Students

#141 - How to Spot Preschool & Beginner Gymnastics

#164 - The Top 25 Tips for Your School-Age Program

#172 - School-Age Stations and Drills

#198 - Another Top 25 Tips for Yor School-Age Program

#228 - How to Teach a Back Handspring and Back Handspring/Back Tuck Clinic

#229 - Preschool & School-Age Star Achievement Award Program

#230 - School-Age Tumbling Star Achievement Award Skill Charts

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