#335 - Parent and Tot Package Deal

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This package includes both #194 - How to Teach Parent and Tot Classes, #196 - Parent and Tot, Creating Moments, and #213 - Parent and Tot Complete Training Kit

This is the perfect package deal for all your "Parent and Tot" needs. All products are chocked full of information including: 

  • Lesson plans
  • Progression sheets
  • Marketing ideas that have worked at my gym
  • Picking the right people as teachers
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Educating the parents on the logic behind the classes 
  • What to do with the child who cries, hits, is shy, etc. 
  • Motor development terms and why knowing them are so important
  • Plus #194 is an actual full-length Parent and Tot class with commentary by Patt Komara on spotting, warm-ups, music, ending activities, how to get moms involved and get them to LOVE coming to class, special equipment for this age and where to get it, and most importantly... safety tips for these special age students.

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