#336 - Business Sessions That Could Help Your Swim School

This 14 book/video package was put together specifically for swim schools just like yours. This money-saving package is ideal for your swim school if you're looking to:

  • Sharpen customer service skills
  • Train staff how to treat all customers... even the difficult ones
  • Find new students
  • Retain current students
  • Help your swim teachers be the best they can be!

This package includes:

  • #148 - Problems Facing Women Gym Owners
  • #149 - Keeping & Inspiring a Top-Notch Staff
  • #152 - Unbeatable Customer Service - Updated in 2021!
  • #153 - 101 Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy
  • #156 - Turning Staff Meetings Into Celebrations
  • #158 - 101 Ways to Get More Students
  • #163 - Front Office Excellence
  • #167 - Customer Service Systems That Make a Dramatic Difference in Retention
  • #168 - The Seven Secrets to Filling Your Classes
  • #173 - Balancing Owning a Gym and Your Personal Life
  • #183 - The Secret to Time Management for Gym Owners
  • #187 - How to Drive Your Profits with Effective Email Marketing for Gym and Dance Schools
  • #211 - What Makes a Great Teacher
  • #803 - Patti's Employee Handbook - Updated in 2021!

This 14 book/video set is jam-packed with ideas to help your swim school. Patti is so confident she can help your swim school she gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If not 100% satisfied (within 30 days of purchase), Tumblebear Connection will refund you 100% of the product cost. You can choose from the hard copy version or instant download version (no shipping fees on all instant downloads). 


Do you live outside the continental United States? If you do and are purchasing products as hard copies to be shipped to you, please call 219-865-2274 to place your order. However, if purchasing only e-books and video downloads feel free to purchase online. Thank you.