#400 - Gymnastics School Operations Manual

225-page book. Does it seem that you invest a lot of time in your employees, and then when staff departs, they take all their knowledge with them? Wouldn't it be nice to retain the knowledge in detail for your company and future staff? 

This Gymnastics School Operations Manual will establish order, clarity, and efficiency for your staff plus, as an owner, you'll pick up massive amounts of personal time. This product includes job descriptions and position contracts for:

  • President
  • Sr. Vice-Presidents
  • Marketing Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Accounts Payable Manager
  • Assistant to the President
  • Pro Shop Manager
  • Department Managers
  • Special Events Managers
  • Birthday Party Manager
  • Instructors
  • All office jobs, and many more   

The hard copy includes an editable text CD so you can modify it to fit the needs of your gymnastics school. Our download version already comes in an editable format. That makes it super easy to start modifying it for your own gym! 

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