#500 - Patti Komara's Fast Track Training System for Preschool Gymnastics

This all-encompassing training system for Preschool Tumbling, Bars, Beam, Trampoline, and Tumbl Trak is exactly what you need to help train your Preschool and Beginner gymnastics teachers. Patti has indicated the Fab 5 Skills in each event that every Preschool student should be able to do before leaving your program. In these four, one-hour DVDs or digital downloads, Patti teaches over 284 skills by explaining the prerequisites, teaching steps, teaching tips, stations, spotting, common errors, variations, and combinations for Tumbling, Bars, Beam, Trampoline, and Tumbl Trak. You can't find a more comprehensive training tool than this system! This is a must-have for your training library. This system contains 262 stations, 284 skills, 302 teaching tips, and 84 variations of preschool skills. The complete system includes 125 pages of notes, tests, and answer keys for each event (can you pass the tests?), and a certificate suitable for hanging in your gym. Parents need to know your teachers are trained properly, so display their credentials. Start today and offer your staff the best training system in the industry from one of the leaders in preschool gymnastics! Includes a 125-page book. Click HERE to view a sample.

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