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#161 - Excellence in Preschool Teaching

This video was filmed at one of the training sessions Patti did at her gym. You get to watch and listen as she trains her staff. Patti filmed a typical preschool hour in her gym and then reviewed it for her staff to point out what was good and what could be improved. As usual, there were two different age groups in the gym at the same time. One was a 2Bears class with parents and the other was a Jr. Gym class for ages 5/6 year-olds. This gives you a chance to see how a big theme set up for a lesson plan can work for both ages. There are so many aspects to excellent teaching including the way you talk to the class, the props and equipment you use, the tone of your voice, demonstrating the movements, actually teaching the students skills, relating to the parents, being a good employee, making effective stations, and how you handle discipline. Patti goes through all of this in just an hour. Use it for training your staff. (1 hr. video & 6-page eBook) 

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