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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do instant digital downloads work?
A. When you purchase any product as a digital download, your order will be instantly emailed to you and will basically be a link you access to retrieve your downloads. From there you can decide where you want to download your files (books and videos) onto your computer by following the prompts. If you have any trouble—we’re here to help you.

Q. What are the benefits of instant digital downloads?
A. Print out as many book copies and videos you need, create a digital library for easy access, instantly receive your product…no waiting, and NO shipping charges.

Q. Am I buying a one-time viewing? 
A. No, that's what's so great! Your link to open your digital downloads will be instantly emailed to you and accessible in your account. You can download them at any time. And, the best thing is they will always be in your account. 

Q. With all these products, what do you think I need to start with?
A. Where do you feel the most challenged in your gym? Are you a former gymnast, a brand new owner, or a parent who has bought a gym and needs lot of help? Are you simply looking to make life easier by having your staff watch training tapes instead of you or your head coach doing it time and again? If you’re unsure what to order after reading all the descriptions, call us! Our “Answer Line” is open and we’re here for you seven days a week - 219.865.2274

Q. Can I see a sample of your lesson plans?
A. Yes, go back to the Home Page of this website and click on the "Free Sample Lesson Plans" near the bottom.

Q. What is in the eBooks that accompany most of the videos?
A. Patti's notes from the lecture she gave on that particular topic, handouts, forms, sample fliers, etc...

Q. What are some hints to help us get the most from your products?
A-1 Pay your staff per how long each video is. Staff members should be required to hand in notes on what they learned. Give them a pay period to watch them and don’t pay them until they return the products with notes proving they did what you asked. (Aren’t we sneaky as owners?)
A-2 At the next staff meeting, have that staff person give a summation of what they learned from the materials - praise them highly!
A-3 Show parts of our videos at staff meetings to inform, educate, and motivate. 

We guarantee proven techniques and profit building ideas in every product shipped within 48 hours OR your money back within 30 days of purchase.