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What Top Gym Owners Are Saying About Us

Barron Gymnastics has been using Patti's products for over 20 years. They have saved us hours of time and provided ideas and curriculum that has helped us grow in programs, students, and profit. The depth of knowledge and enthusiasm she shares is valuable to any size business. A great deal of our success is a direct result of the Tumblebear Gym Program.

Diane Barron, Barron Gymnastics

Watching her videos, you see this Indiana-blond, force-of-nature, firing information at us at warp speed, faster than we can write, from her bottomless well of expertise and over 40 years of hands-on experience in teaching, coaching, business, leadership and marketing. And NOBODY yawns during a Patti Komara video. I’ve often said, if a can of Red Bull came to life, it would look like Patti.

Steve Greely

Patti's knowledge and teaching techniques are second to none. I continue to use her books and DVD'S to train, educate, and motivate my staff. Most of all, her materials keep me organized, fresh, and inspired. Patti, thank you for your great contributions to our sport.

Amanda Borden, Gold Medal Gymnastics - 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist

In my book, Patti Komara is one of the most experienced, capable, and sincere providers of knowledge in our industry. She is always looking to educate herself, so she can better help others; I find that of a true professional and caring human being. I have sent Kids First employees to Patti's seminars and recommend Patti's teaching to anyone looking to improve their gymnastics business.

Jeff Metzger, President, GymClub Owners' BOOT CAMP & Kids First Sports Center.

Patti's business knowledge has gleaned over more than three decades of experience. Her enthusiasm and practical suggestions will help you develop your business. I highly recommend that you take advantage of her products! 

Frank Sahlein, President, 3rd Level Consulting & Business Brokerage

I appreciate the expert mentorship of Patti Komara during the process of launching up my own gymnastics facility, Dominique Moceanu Gymnastics Center. Her Tumblebear business tools helped me expedite the process of opening my business from an administrative standpoint. The valuable information she and her system provided assisted me tremendously by enabling me to not waste enormous amounts of time reinventing the wheel. Rather, I was given a huge head start toward creating my own input for our specific business and operational needs.

Dominique Moceanu, Olympic Gold Medalist, NY Times Bestselling Author and owner of Dominique Moceanu Gymnastics Center

Thanks to Tumblebear training our preschool and school age staff has been revolutionized thanks to Tumblebears digital downloads and dvd’s. Patti’s business acumen and understanding of what is needed in our industry keeps our library fresh and valued as one of our best investments.

Mardi Obray, The Peak, Perry, UT

Back in 1980's when Buckeye Gymnastics was struggling to thrive and become the best gymnastics program in our market I turned to Patti Komara for help. It wasn't possible to see her in person for all of her lectures and presentations so I purchased her DVDs and publications. I would guess that I have one of the largest collections of these DVDs around but I know many others who could lay claim to that distinction. So I will lay claim to this one...

David Holcomb, President, Buckeye Gymnastics, 2002 & 2006 USA Gymnastics National Business Leader

As much as I would love to spend hours one on one with each of my new coaches to train them to be the best coaches they can be, there isn’t enough time in the week to do so. Thank goodness for Patti’s DVDs—because I don’t have to! Patti’s expertise, energy and decades of experience are invaluable for all coaches and office employees. The returns on investment from Patti’s lessons are far beyond anything I could have ever expected and rank among the smartest purchases I made when I opened my gym.

Anne Josephson, JAG GYM

When I think about "Pre-School Experts" only one person comes to mind! That is Patti Komara! Her programs are wonderful and they offer the best solid training materials for preschool instructors available anywhere and I recommend them!

Rita Brown, Browns Gymnastics Training Centers - Florida, Texas, Nevada

Patti Komara has provided more than just great educational DVDs and helpful information on how to teach gymnastics to kids. She has been a motivator and cheerleader for creating change in our industry. Every time I send my staff to a gymnastics conference where Patti is presenting, they always come back "on fire" from hearing her speak.

Jeff Lulla, Leap! Leaders

Patti's DVDs, books, and lesson plans have been our strongest and most preferred form of education for our staff at Cincinnati Gymnastics. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, so I always hope that my staff can bring some of that to our programs along with the many new ideas shared by her. Patti . . . You are the BEST! Thanks for all that you do for Preschool Gymnastics!

Mary Lee Tracy, Cincinnati Gymnastics

Patti is, without question, a leading authority in gymnastics' education and has been a valuable resource for all of us in the industry. Her materials have been indispensable to us as we initially developed our programs and today, as we continually refine them. Her materials reflect her knowledge and experience, but more importantly her amazing personality and style!

Lynn Ledford, California Elite Sports Center

Patti Komara has long been a great inspiration to me personally. Her creativity and forward thinking as a pioneer in the field of preschool gymnastics has rightfully earned her a place as one of the creators of contemporary preschool gymnastics. Furthermore, her dedication to coaching education in preschool gymnastics has earned her the respect of the entire industry. I congratulate her on her enormous contributions to our sport, and to the children who participate in gymnastics.

Beth Gardner, Heart of Texas Gymnastics / Preschool Gymnastics Expert