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#719 - Preschool Week-Long Camp Lesson Plans Volume 2

Stars and Stripes has done it again. I'm now presenting volume 2 of the week-long camps created by Stars and Stripes Kids Activity Center in Michigan. Past summers they brought in over $106,000 on these summer week-long camps. It gives you 20-40 pages of 11 of their best week-long camp lesson plans-- that's approximately 400 pages! It gives complete details on how to run the camps step-by-step, crafts, hand-out sheets, advertising fliers, links to where to get materials, and equipment and materials lists. Gymnastics lesson plan not included. Why re-invent the wheel when you can get great ideas from those who are succeeding at what you want to do? THIS PRODUCT IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD. That's right, no DVD, no book, but better than that you can receive it within hours of placing your order. 

Themes included are:
-Cool Connection
-Jammin' Jump Rope
-Mystery Madness
-When I Grow Up
-Wild Camping Adventures
-Rockin' Race Car
-The Ultimate Driving Experience
-All About Wheels
-Magical Witches and Wizards

719 - sample.pdf (495.67 KB)
Digital Download