Social Media Consultations Available

Need Help with Your Social Media and Online Marketing? One-Hour Phone Consultation with My Own Social Media Manager for $99

You can get help with Facebook (how to do contests, claims, how often to post, what to post), setting up your own YouTube channel, online ads, how to write an effective e-newsletter, and a complete website analysis. Where can you get all of this for such a low price? Bernadette Lopez Sasak has been doing this successfully for me for years.
Knowing how to walk the fine line between offering helpful information to current and past customers to over-selling is a delicate balance. Where does social media fit in? What has worked... and what hasn't worked for me? Let my Social Media Manager, Bernadette, share with you what works for us. Not only is Bernadette my Social Media Manager she is my Administrative Assistant. We have worked closely together for ten years fine-tuning the media marketing department. She is now scheduling one-hour phone consultations (if you're located in the Chicagoland area you're welcome to come to my gym for a one-on-one social media consultation). You two can sit at the computer and study your website, your e-blasts, and figure out how to do it better or you can do it all on the phone.

Bernadette can discuss anything you need from:
-Facebook "How To"' - create compelling offers, contests, and how to access and read analytics. Facebook review available on request.   
-Constant Contact E-Newsletters "How To" - create attention grabbing headlines, choose and edit  templates, schedule for effectiveness, video and picture insertion, and how to manage and read reports
-YouTube- Why it's so important? 
-Discuss other popular social media outlets available today (blogs, Instagram, Twitter...) 
-Website review including SEO review (Search Engine Optimization) 
-E-blast review
-"To sell or not to sell"
This consultation is designed to share with you what my gym, Patti's All-American does in the world of social media and online advertising. To offer insight on what your customers want and need and what can attract new customers. Call 219-865-2274 or email Bernadette at to get started.