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#201.2 - Tumblebear Gym Year-Long Preschool Lesson Plan Book 2nd Edition

Since we offered the first set of preschool gymnastics lesson plans, gym schools have asked for more. Here is another year of the same quality (fun, innovative, safe, and original) lesson plans. This 173-page eBook includes 23 lesson plans, 23 parent handouts, 14 coloring pages, 5 activity sheets, and 36 preschool routines you can use for a holiday or end-of-the-year shows. This eBook is editable to easily accommodate the needs of your gym. This makes it super easy to modify for use in your gym. 

Lesson plan themes include:

· Shape Up

· Fit & Frozen

· We LOVE Gymnastics

· Cartwheel Carnival

· Shamrock & Roll

· “Owl” Do My Best

· Jelly Bean JAM

· PJ Nastics

· Bug Out

· Routines & Show

· Birthday Extravaganza

· Disco Dinos

· All-American Superheroes

· Practically Perfect Pike

· Stick It

· Out of this World

· Squat – Tuck – Safety Fall

· Turtle Power

· Cartwheels & Straddle

· Halloweenie

· Zoo-nastics

· Turkey Tumble

· Teddy & Tumblebear Pirate

· Twinkle Tumblebear Showcase

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